Food collection

Food wear that meets all requirements

The food industry is subject to strict requirements. With us, you always comply with recent legislation for food production. For example, you can trust your customers, guests, certifiers or NVWA visits. Our food apparel complies with DIN 10524 standardization and is therefore suitable for use in other IFS, TESCO, BRC and HACCP environments. With our years of experience, we know the wishes of our customers. For example, with sunmarking, make each department recognizable: you'll see immediately when an employee does not belong in a particular area.

Risk zones for food clothes

By dividing the collection into 3 risk categories, it is quick and easy to select the right clothes for your business processes. Together with the consultant, look at the right solution for all your departments.

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Maximum risk food clothes

The Food Safety Maximum Risk Collection is suitable for:

  • Working with finished products (perishable and for direct consumption)
  • Zones with high risk of contamination
  • TESCO, HACCP, and BRC environments

High risk food clothes

The Food Safety High Risk collection is suitable for:

  • Work with perishable products that are not consumed immediately
  • Zones in which the risk of contamination is present
  • Or there is minimal contact with the product

The Food Safety Low Risk collection is suitable for:

  • Work in a lower-risk zone
  • Work with starting products or semi-finished products
  • Zones in which the risk of contamination is smaller

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