Corporate Responsibility

Building sustainable growth

Corporate Responsibility is integral to Elis. It impacts our long-term strategy and our ability to win and retain business. We are committed to real social and environmental responsibility progress. Whether by cutting our use of water, energy or detergents, implementing “eco-designs” or reducing the impact of our delivery channels, the entire staff at Elis is committed to support our ambitious corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.

Corporate responsibility

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Stakeholder engagement

We engage with our key stakeholders in order to understand their needs and expectations to ensure we deliver optimum outcomes for all.

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Our people are core to our service delivery; their development is vital to our success. We continuously develop our employees to ensure we have the right people, in the right place, with the right skills.

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Health and Safety

We maintain health and safety as a priority. Any person working for or with Elis is entitled to a safe and healthy work environment.

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Innovative and efficient solutions

We continuously seek to innovate new solutions to ensure that our customers get a differentiated service which helps to improve our customers’ CSR performance as well as ours.


A responsible supply chain

We continue to focus our spend on a controlled group of major suppliers, to maximise savings from supplier relationship management and to optimise compliance with our corporate social responsibility policies.

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Operational environmental efficiency

We acknowledge that water, energy, chemicals, oil and gas (WECO) are scarce, precious and environmentally significant and we are committed to reducing quantities and improving efficiency.

Our strategic approach

We recognise that Corporate Responsibility (CR) is key to the long term success of our company. We stay close to our key stakeholders in order to understand their expectations of us on all aspects of CR. More than ever, our CR credentials are influencing our ability to attract and retain customers, employees, investors and suppliers. They also underpin our licence to operate by strengthening our relationships with local communities, industry partners and regulators.

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Our focus areas


Code of Ethics

The principles shared by Elis and all our staff can be summarized as follows: Displaying integrity, responsibility and exemplarity in our actions; Respecting each person's rights and dignity; Behaving as an environmentally friendly actor; Complying with legislation and regulation; Continuously improving our performance levels

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