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Food Manufacturing


We understand that for the food and beverage industry, hygiene is always the number one priority. As an expert in this field, we understand the regulations and obligations that govern your business (IFS Food, BRC Global Standards, ISO 22000 and DIN ). We can support you by providing products and services that meet these requirements.

Our rental maintenance model

Thanks to our bespoke solutions, we allow you to focus on your core business, while keeping an eye on your budget.

  • Objective

    Your needs assessed by our experts

    We assess your needs in advance so we can offer you bespoke solutions.

  • Picto_storage

    Purchase and storage of your items by Elis

    Because you do not have the time to manage your teams’ clothing and linen, we take charge of their purchase and storage.

  • Recycle

    Laundering of your items

    Quality checks are made at every stage of the cleaning process at specialised facilities.

  • Picto_truck_delivery

    Regular pickup and delivery

    We tailor our services to your pace and your preferences.

Why choose Elis?

  • Garments that fit the bill


    Garments that fit the bill

    Hygiene regulations may mean a restricted choice of garments for your employees, depending on the levels of risk inherent in your business. Whether your employees work in very hot or very cold conditions, we offer a wide selection of high-performance, functional clothing. To meet the requirements of the RABC (Risk Analysis in BioContamination Control) standard, we use specific processes when it comes to laundry.

  • Treating the presence of pests


    Treating the presence of pests

    Pests carry a multitude of germs and diseases, making their presence on your premises a threat to your staff, your end consumers and your company’s reputation in hygienic, economic and legal terms. Here at Elis, we develop tailor-made solutions (insect control, rodent control and disinfection) designed to prevent and combat infestations.

  • Bespoke servicing


    Bespoke servicing

    To allow you to stay focused on your core business and save time day-to-day, we offer a cleaning service for your employees’ coats, coveralls, trousers or tunics. We provide a comprehensive washing service, prior to delivery on personalized hangers at your convenience. We can tailor our deliveries to you to meet an urgent need and based on the number of garments required.

  • Worker at Laundry shop


    Optimum hygiene

    This is an industry in which it is particularly important to avoid all risk of contamination for both food and equipment. We help you provide not only suitable workwear for your employees, but also convenient washroom products that ensure high daily levels of hand hygiene, with specially-developed disinfectants that protect and care for the skin. Our bespoke solutions help you provide a full range of sanitary facilities.

Our industry markets

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Food Manufacturing

When you work in the food and beverage industry, hygiene is the #1 priority. As an expert in this field, we understand the regulations and obligations that govern your business (IFS Food, BRC Global Standards...


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