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At Elis we appreciate the importance of workwear conforming to your specific industry standards. Our workwear collections can be customised to your exact requirements as our end-to-end supply chain process provides us with in-house design, manufacturing teams and total control over our supply chain.

The Elis team is there to guide you through the process; assessing requirements for your industry, with up-to-date specifications, sourcing of appropriate stock, sizing and installation. Our rental maintenance service model means no upfront investment is required, all garments are barcoded offering full traceability while your stock is maintained and laundered to the highest infection control standards.

Why not request a site assessment by calling 1800 777 464.

Why choose Elis?

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    Collections as varied as the industries we serve

    Manufacturing, Hospitality, Heavy Industry or Healthcare: with over 10,000 Irish customers we are confident that we have experience within your business sector, designing workwear to meet with the specific industry standards.

    Our portfolio includes everything from aprons to fire resistant coveralls. We supply and maintain clothing that combines comfort, design and safety for your teams daily.

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    Your employees are your company’s front line, we understand that their workwear garments adhere to your specific industry standards and requirements while enhancing your brand image and providing comfort. 

    We work with you to select the appropriate range, customised to your requirements with bespoke options also available. Our team will also ensure that each employee is correctly measured to ensure each garment is the correct fit and our customer service team are always available for any additions or amendments required.

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    Total hygiene

    We provide a completely traceable service: soiled workwear is collected, laundered, inspected and repaired as required and returned hygienically laundered ready for your employee.

    Our plants across the country are ISO 9001 certified and independently audited by the NSAI.  The RABC (Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control) standard is applied on all sites and wash processes will be adapted to the specific laundering requirements of your industry.

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    A more efficient process

    The Elis workwear rental-maintenance service model generates 20% lower CO2 emissions than maintaining workwear garments at home and ensures workwear items are not forgotten or mislaid.

    For added efficiency we can assign each of your employees a locker that includes their name and an assigned code. Workwear that has been worn is placed in self-contained soiled linen receptacles ready for collection ,while clean workwear is placed in each employee’s locker by your Elis Service Agent.

Workwear rental

Elis workwear rental maintenance process from agreement to service

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