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Working at Elis

Key figures

  • Nearly 45,000


  • 87 %

    employee satisfaction in 2018 (9,881 employees surveyed, in 10 countries)

  • 32 %

    of new managers are promoted internally

  • 31 %

    of managers recruited in 2018 were women

  • Nearly 6%

    of employees have a disability

  • 28

    Elis is present in 28 countries

Helping our talented staff to grow

Our culture of service and quality is based on the commitment of our employees, who are the company’s greatest asset. Elis offers a wide range of assignments and career opportunities via a multitude of diverse job roles and career gateways between functions. This vast field of possibilities gives everyone the opportunity to make a contribution straight away and progress.

Our commitments

As a group with a family background, we are committed to creating working conditions that are both stimulating and respectful.

  • A culture based on proximity

    Although the Group has a large workforce, there are 400 staff at head office, and staff numbers at our facilities vary between 100 and 300. This means we can create a climate of trust and goodwill, where we can be attentive every day in our working relationships. What’s more, teams are regularly involved with large-scale structural projects that drive growth for the Group.

  • An entrepreneurial spirit

    Here at Elis, every employee is encouraged to take the initiative in terms of their duties and beyond. We are happy to entrust young managers with broad responsibilities, enabling them to move into managerial positions in the Profit Centres faster than in other organisations. Since Elis employees create value every day at every site, incentive and profit-sharing schemes are widespread within the company.

  • A taste for challenge

    Individual performance is valued, and an ambitious training policy fosters the opportunity to improve in your role and progress within the Group. Regardless of their original business line, every employee has the opportunity to show their potential on new assignments, to move into a managerial or cross-functional position, or even to change business lines. International exchange programs target young graduates. They are trained in the Group’s flagship business lines, and sent to another country for 12 to 24 months for further training, to share best practices, and to strengthen the Group’s culture.

  • Training that enhances professionalism

    To encourage the widespread adoption of the service culture, Elis has established an integrated training centre in Normandy, France. This supports our global infrastructure, offering guidance and materials to each of the plants in the 28 countries across the world including Ireland. Each program has been developed to foster internal promotion, targeting various staff groups and ensuring that the best-performing representatives have the opportunity to progress.  The innovative methods developed include educational games that make training practical and more effective, enhancing collaborative learning.

  • All ears to the ground

    To give everyone a voice, an internal survey is carried out every two years at every Elis centre, with the most recent conducted in November 2021. This allows employees to give their opinions on a variety of issues such as working conditions, training, career development, working time and safety. The results help us to identify the specific areas for improvement for each centre.

  • Stringent safety requirements

    Elis is committed to a safety strategy based on the involvement and active participation of all Elis employees and managers. Our aim is to achieve “zero accidents”. With particular focus on employees involved in the areas of production and distribution, specific training has been developed for their roles. Our QSE manager has assigned a QSE coordinator to each plant who oversees and reviews all safety policies and procedures.

  • A committed employer

    As a corporate citizen, Elis is mindful of the environment, the continuous improvement of its energy performance, human rights and gender equality. The Group is committed to reducing its societal and environmental impact by becoming a partner in a sustainable economic model that favours services rather than products, rental rather than purchasing, and the development of eco-designed solutions. Through our Code of Ethics and our Foundation, we uphold the value of respect, and promote both education and professional integration.

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