Deep Red Air Freshener Advanced

Elis service includes:

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    Our team work with you to assess your washroom needs
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    Implementation study
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    Installation by our washroom team
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    Scheduled delivery of consumables to your premises
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    Frequency of delivery dictated by you
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    Ongoing maintenance as required

Battery-Powered Air Freshener - Fusion Collection

  • Deep Red Air Freshener Advanced
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  • blue Air Freshener Advanced
  • Dark Lilac Air Freshener Advanced
  • Raven Black Air Freshener Advanced

This highly stylish air freshener is ideal to cover the washbasin area of your washrooms from where its subtle fragrance will be distilled for three continuous months. The discrete, environmentally friendly air freshener is fitted with a small fan to ensure optimum circulation of the fragrance. A range of 6 essential oil fragrances are available. Offer a sweet-smelling space to your employees and guests by fitting your washrooms with machines specifically designed for this purpose.

  • 10 available colours
  • Anti-theft locking system
  • In-built fan in the machine
  • Fuel-cell battery on the refill
  • Refill with fragrance soaked pad
  • 6 essential oil fragrances to choose from