Marine Blue Air Freshener

Elis service includes:

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    Our team work with you to assess your washroom needs
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    Implementation study
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    Installation by our washroom team
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    Scheduled delivery of consumables to your premises
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    Frequency of delivery dictated by you
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    Ongoing maintenance as required

Passive Air Freshener with No Batteries Required - Fusion Collection

  • Marine Blue Air Freshener
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  • Ultra Marine Blue Air Freshener
  • Flamingo Pink Air Freshener
  • Lime Green Air Freshener

This stylish, discrete and environmentally-friendly air freshener requires no battery and continuously distils a subtle fragrance over three months. To be placed ideally over the door of your toilet stalls or in your washroom area. For your washbasin area, we recommend the battery-operated Fusion Air Freshener which offers the same array of fragrances for a perfectly consistent olfactory experience.

  • Available in 10 colours
  • Anti-theft locking system
  • Fuel-cell battery on the refill
  • Refill with fragrance soaked pad
  • 6 essential oil fragrances to choose from