Trusted in Hospitals

When your patients rely on you, you need a textile services partner you can trust

All relationships are built on trust and we believe that a partnership with the people that provide you clean, hygienic laundry, day in, day out, is no different. That’s why we work closely with you on-site, to provide a service so reliable that it feels like we’re part of the hospital team.

Comfort for care

The linen Essentials Collection contains the items that you need day to day. Soft bed linens for patient comfort, patient wear designed to ensure dignity, and other comfort essentials to ensure your patients have the best quality linens to aid recovery. All of our healthcare linen sites meet the EN14065 standard on bio-contamination control.

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Essential every day

Day after day, hour after hour


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Smart solution to keep track of your caretakers

Let us introduce Unimat - a fully automated clothing store where the employees themselves pick up clean work clothes and leave their dirty. To load the machine and make sure it is well stocked, it's something we take care of.

You have the control.

  • Unilin is the smart little chip called, which is insured into all the garments, and helps you keep track of all hundreds of thousands of garments in our system.
  • You will always have the right size always for the right person, on time.
  • We can help our you meet your hygiene requirements.
  • With the help of the chip and our computer system, you can make sure that your staff recycles their own work clothes. The system tells where in the system any garment is, clean or dirty.

Infection Control Package

To assist in the fight against infection, we have a range of wipe-clean bedding which can be disinfected without causing harm to the product. We also launder mop heads using the same rigorous procedures as our standard products, ensuring optimum hygiene for your wards.

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Improved hygiene in hospitals

Hand hygiene is a topic in all healthcare facilities and has serious consequences and adds cost when not done according to international standards and recommendations (WHO). The Berendsen LightGuide system is an easy to install sensor based solution for hospitals, which brings transparency into hand hygiene patterns through interlinked and hands-free dispensing of soaps, paper towels and disinfectants.

Caring for your patients shouldn’t mean caring less about the environment

At Elis, caring for the environment goes hand in hand with helping you care for your patients, that’s why we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by over 5% (receiving the Carbon Trust Certificate), cut water usage by over 60% and made big investments in energy saving measures.


It couldn’t be simpler…

• Ready for use
• Collection
• Specialised washing and handling
• Delivery

Intelligent cleaning with our SmartMop

The SmartMop range consists of innovative microfiber textiles and a unique, ergonomically correct mop handle and frame. A small chip is installed inside every piece of textile allowing you to keep track of each item. Our mops ensure full compliance to EN14065 and CFPP 01-04.

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Our certificates


OHSAS 18001 for occupational health


DS49001 social responsibility


ISO 14001 on environment


In-house UKAS accredited lab


DS 2451 on infection control in healthcare



If your service is running, so is ours

At Elis, we won’t let you down. Our management team spent several weeks visiting North Bristol NHS Trust’s sites, working with staff to develop the best possible service method. The solution is for a trolley to be pre-packed with clean linen at Elis' site for each specific ward. These are then delivered to the hospitals in a predefined order, for further distribution by Trust staff. Elis will pack the cages with up to 100,000 linen items each week.

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