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Even if they never use the gym or order room service, every guest will feel the quality and cleanliness of your linen. In fact, our research shows that over 70% of guest specifically check the cleanliness and quality of the linen every time they stay, and 95% would mention poor quality linen when telling others about their experience. We’ll help you to deliver the quality experience your guests expect.

A partner you can rely on

At Elis, we partner with you to choose the right linen for your guests. Whether you want to select from our range of collections or you need specific, brand standard linen, we can help you choose what you need. Once you’ve chosen what you need, we’ll provide it, with a flexible service allowing you to adjust your stock levels to suit your demand.

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Essential every day

Day after day, hour after hour.


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The smart way to keep track of your linen

Our products contain a small electronic RFID tag, discreetly sewn in, so that we can track all of our textiles. This helps us to ensure that you always have all the linen that you need. We can also see how many washes each item has had, so that we can ensure that items are replaced when necessary.

A great guest experience shouldn’t cost the earth.


Green Footprint


Considerate Hoteliers National Green Supplier of the year


Green Apple Award


A professional service that revolves around you

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Space and time savings delivered to your door

Our Etage® linen logistics system helps you to reduce your handling of linen and save time for your housekeeping team. We deliver a modular trolley, pre-loaded with the correct linen which can be used straight on your floors, saving time and storage space.


Cooler, cleaner, better for the environment

Cool Chemistry is a new wash process which is delivers stunning results at lower temperatures. Improved stain removal, enhanced linen whiteness and reduces the environmental impact of the laundry process


Take control 24/7

"Connect" is an online portal that allows you to keep track of stock levels, confirm packing status or your orders and advise us on your linen requirements 24 hours a day – even if you need to manage multiple sites.

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