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Specially designed solutions

We offer a wide range of work clothes. When you choose a solution from our offer, many adjustments are possible, such as color scheme, logo and other emblems. In addition, all clothes are tailor made for every employee. Are you looking for another solution? When you have a lot of clothing in circulation, it is possible to design clothes for you.

Enhance your image

Every organization is unique and every department or even every employee has other activities and is exposed to other dangers. Why would you not let that out in your clothes? When you regularly have visitors, suppliers or customers across the floor, it's impressive if your employees are completely in the corporate style.

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Make your clothes design

For several large (international) companies we have developed clothes. In this way, they have a unique appearance, the clothing adapts 100%to the corporate style and it's employees are always recognizable.

    Our Irish design team

    Our design team in Ireland ensures that the workwear is in line with your corporate style and at the same time meets the required standards. In addition, clothing is improved every year and we ensure that we always comply with all standards.

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