Tailored to the petrochemical industry

It’s about keeping your workers safe from the product, and your product safe from your workers.

It’s not difficult to find workwear that looks the part, but when it comes to the detail and care that can ensure that your workers stay safe and the product uncontaminated, it pays to talk to someone who knows your business.

Most petrochemical workers don’t know how workwear protects them

Is that such a surprise when they have a job that requires their full concentration? That’s why we’ve made sure that the protection each garment provides is represented by bold icons – clearly visible to the wearer, their colleagues and safety officers.


Essential every day

Day after day, hour after hour


MultiSplash colletion

With MultiSplash, employees always work effortlessly and comfortably, in every work situation. The protective garment is suitable for the chemical industry, airports, contractors and the energy sector. The workwear offers optimal protection for work environments with unpredictable risks or possible situations that involves contact with chemicals. Because of our intelligent design, MultiSplash is certified according to EN 20471 and five other standards. The colour remains prolonged, even after a lot of washings.

Empower your data with connected workwear

Our innovative connected workwear tracking allows you to keep track of every single item of workwear which means that you always know if staff are changing garments regularly and returning them when they should. All data can be easily documented for regulatory purposes.

Empower your data with smart garments_Elis
Outsourcing hero

Why outsource?

When a company chooses to out-source its textile and hygiene needs, it is making a smart business decision. Out-sourcing frees up time, space, staff, capital and resources that can be put to better use driving growth rather than managing logistics. Maintaining the textiles in the right way is a crucial part of the hygiene. We have more than 100 years of experience in professional maintenance of textiles to ensure that its returned to you with the correct level of protection for your production.

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So comfortable, you can stay protected all day

Our smart and durable MultiSplash range has an ultra-repellent finish to protect the wearer from chemical splashes and is compliant with the EN 20471 standard.

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