Kangaroo Coverall

Elis service includes:

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    Tailored solution for your business
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    Account set-up
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    Fitting session for your staff
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    Delivery of garments & training
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    Pick up of dirty & delivery of clean products
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    Decontamination/sterilisation at our laundry
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    Quality checks of every batch of garments
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    Validation of all products

Cleanroom Kangaroo Coverall

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Our Kangaroo cleanroom garments incorporate a design solution that eradicates the need for single use plastics . This innovative solution, an integrated pouch, maintains contamination controls by providing an additional barrier to your critical environment. The innovative curved zipper allows for easy access and unfolding while removing the need for plastic packaging. Kangaroo garments are comfortable, made of lightweight material and can provide an annual saving of 4kgs of plastic waste per operator. Garments available include tunics, under garment tunics and undergarment trousers.

View more about this product here - https://youtu.be/9gpJayeYYsc

  • Undergarments Iso Classification: 4/8 (A/D) environment
  • Coverall ISO Classification: 7/9 (C/D) environment
  • Tissue Specification: varies based on selected product