Hairdresser Towels Black

Elis service includes:

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    Expert assessment of your needs
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    Linen purchase and storage
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    Industrial maintenance for impeccable hygiene
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    A service adapted to your needs
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    Regular delivery and pickup

Hairdresser Towel

  • Hairdresser Towels Black
  • Hairdressers white towels

Our Hairdresser Towel has been designed specifically for your salon, providing optimum hygiene and great comfort for your customers. Choose the white option (shampooing, drying hair) or black option (colouring, highlights) to welcome your customers under the best conditions by treating them with the greatest care. Our perfectly controlled industrial laundering process offers you linen that is delivered regularly, without any residue.

  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Grammage: 340 g/m²
  • Available in Black and White