Elis Pest Control Academy

Within Pest Control continuous training is not just a benefit—it's a necessity. For pest control technicians, ongoing education is key to mastering new techniques, understanding emerging pest trends, and using the latest safe and effective treatment methods.

Regular training ensures compliance with ever-changing health and safety regulations, boosts service quality, and enhances customer satisfaction. An intense two days of workshops, presentations and practicals enriched the knowledge of the cohort of technicians who attended the Academy in April. It also provided the opportunity to discuss interesting cases that each technician had encountered since the last training session. 

Thanks to Darren O Toole, Operations Manager for Northern Europe and Michael O'Toole, Operations Manager for Ireland for their commitment and sharing their expertise. Special thanks to Niamh Cummins embodying the role of 'customer' during the practicals it was incredibly insightful and at times entertaining!

“The team's dedication and enthusiasm for learning and improving our already high standards over the past two days have been commendable. The incorporation of role-playing exercises and interactive discussions will ensure we continue to grow and succeed in the future”, commented Darren O Toole, Operations Manager


Congratulations to the entire team for successful completion of the Elis Pest Control Academy as we continue our commitment to excellence and the highest standards for our customers.