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Elis unveils its Raison d'Etre and a new signature: “Circular services at work"

A circular economy pioneer, Elis is unveiling its raison d’être and a new signature, "Circular services at work", which emphasizes its long-term commitment to the environment and local development. Elis are emphasizing a central pillar of the Group's DNA: sustainability. It also reaffirms Elis’ values with its employees, clients, partners, and shareholders.

For more than 75 years, Elis has been providing a circular service on a daily basis, in a sustainable manner throughout the world, thanks to its model based on rental maintenance and reuse of products and services. As the circular economy is at the heart of its business model, the company has decided to reinforce this through a new raison d'être, “Ensure a circular service of protection, hygiene and well-being everywhere, every day, in a sustainable way.” Elis wishes to strengthen this by unveiling a new signature, "Circular services at work", reflecting the rental maintenance service that Elis provides to companies across the 29 countries in which it operates.

To deliver circular services at work for hygiene, well-being and protection – everywhere, every day, in a sustainable way.


Elis is convinced that the circular economy model is a sustainable and lasting solution to the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. The company offers products that are reused, maintained, and repaired to optimise their lifespan, be it for textile products -selected on the basis of sustainability criteria-, sanitary equipment, carpets or water fountains.

The Elis model has many sustainability benefits, from a better carbon footprint to preserving natural resources, regardless of the industry. For workwear serviced by Elis, the reduction in CO2 and water consumption can be as high as 37% and 48% respectively (EY study). Another example: the use of reusable scrubs in medical facilities allows for a reduction of between 31% and 62% in CO2 emissions compared to disposable scrubs (source: Cleaner Environmental Systems.) These alternatives to a linear consumption approach allow our clients to reduce their own emissions. Moreover, by proposing reusable solutions, most often maintained locally, Elis contributes to employment and the economic development of territories.


Xavier Martiré, CEO of Elis, declared: "The circular economy has been at the heart of the Elis’ model since its origins and, combined with service, constitutes the base of our commercial model and our success. When we know that the maintenance of work clothes operated by Elis allows our clients to drastically reduce their CO2 emissions, we understand the role that our company can play to accompany our clients and involve our entire ecosystem in the environmental transition. Our raison d'être and signature reaffirm what Elis, together with all its employees, has always worked to build: an innovative company committed to a more sustainable world."


The launch of this new signature is supported by two communication campaigns, one in the national press and through digital channels to promote circular services, and an international brand campaign that allows Elis to show the benefits of circular services in its various markets.





About Elis

As the leader in circular services thanks to a rental-maintenance model optimized by traceability technologies, Elis innovates every day. In its 29 countries, Elis meets the needs of its customers in terms of protection, hygiene, and well-being, while accompanying them in achieving their environmental objectives. With a unique operational know-how and a profitable organic growth profile, Elis creates sustainable value for its shareholders, customers, employees, and the environment.


Paris, May 24, 2023

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