New independent research reveals UK employees' washroom concerns & how to resolve them

New independent research has found that the majority of employees have concerns about using a workplace washroom and has revealed the washroom improvements that they would like their employers to make.

The YouGov, UK employee research, commissioned by national washroom service provider, Elis, found that 47% of employees are concerned that the toilets will be dirty, 45% that there will be insufficient toilet paper, 45% that the washroom itself will be unhygienic or dirty and 44% that the washroom will smell unpleasant. Also of concern are that there will be insufficient soap (30% of employees), insufficient airflow to disperse germs and smells (28%), unpleasant or overflowing sanitary bins (25%), equipment that they will have to touch as there will not be ‘no-touch’ options (21%) and insufficient hand drying facilities (18%).