Read Yanis' testimonials, an intern in the Management Control Department

What made you want to apply for a job at Elis ?

I wanted to join an international company and to get to know how it works. What’s more, Elis is a rapidly expanding company. This provided me with an alternative vision of management control.

What did you study ?

After intensive studies, I joined the ESC Rennes Business School and went on an exchange programme to Mexico. I am currently taking a gap year, doing a six-month internship at Elis.

What are your assignements at Elis ?

I have financial tools that allow me to analyse revenue from all Elis countries. I also created a head office budget model to help forecast results for 2020. One really good thing is that I was given responsibility from the outset, trust was quickly placed in me.

What do you find most stimulating about your assignements and about Elis overall ?

We can monitor changes to our initiatives each month, which is stimulating.

Each initiative is measured and the result displayed.

I’m part of a great team with a positive working environment. There is a real sense of goodwill, which is important.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of working at Elis ?

I have responsibilities within a major group. I am sure that this experience will open doors for me in the future. I also want to develop my skills in management control.

Would you recommend Elis to future interns and those on work-study programmes ? If so, why ?

Of course. Firstly, it’s a good company to have on your CV and I’m sure it’s a stepping stone to a great career. If you want to find out about international management control, go right ahead! You will not be disappointed. It is a genuine formative experience.


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