Cotton Roller Towel Unit Hycare

Elis service includes:

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    Our team work with you to assess your washroom needs
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    Installation by our washroom team
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    Scheduled delivery of laundered towels to your premises
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    Frequency of delivery dictated by you
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    Ongoing maintenance as required

Hycare Cotton Roller Towel Unit

  • Cotton Roller Towel Unit Hycare
  • HYCARE Unit Black version in a washroom environment
  • Hycare Unit in white on wall
  • HYCARE unit in black on wall
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A groundbreaking innovative design, the HYCARE unit is a non-touch automatic towel which lights up as the user approaches. The towel descends automatically via a slide loop which mirrors our natural hand movement. Once used, the soiled towel is drawn up into the separate chamber - the transparent panels highlight the clear separation. With 99 single uses per roll, this is a greener choice - reducing waste by up to 48%. Laundered towels will be replenished as per your requirements.

  • Available finishings: White and Black
  • Automatic retraction
  • Clean part and used part are separated by right and left chambers, fully visible to users
  • 100% ultra absorbent white cotton
  • Hand hygiene fostered by the mechanical action of the cotton weave
  • Transparent cover to facilitate monitoring of the remaining roll

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