Pulsed Air Hand Dryer - Aqualine Collection

Elis service includes:

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    Our team work with you to assess your washroom needs
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    Implementation study
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    Installation by our washroom team
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    Scheduled delivery of consumables to your premises
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    Frequency of delivery dictated by you
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    Ongoing maintenance as required

Pulsed-Air Hand Dryer - Aqualine Collection

  • Pulsed Air Hand Dryer - Aqualine Collection

This pulsed-air hand dryer with a compact, simple design easily fits into all types of washrooms including the smallest. The no-contact activation system and quick drying ensure the dryer is easy to use and is particularly effective. Elis is right there by your side with washroom solutions tailored to your needs. Provide quality service to your guests and teams for their optimum comfort.

  • Contact free trigger
  • Quick drying in 15 seconds
  • Blue indicator light for drying area