Epiflash trousers

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    We work with you to select workwear to suit your needs
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    Customisation and bespoke options available
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    Laundered and maintained to the highest hygiene and quality controls with wash processes adapted to the specific laundering requirements of your industry
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    No initial investment in garments
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    Garments can be barcoded to offer full traceability

Need a usage notice and a declaration of conformity for your equipment?

Epiflash Trousers

  • Epiflash trousers
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For protection against the main industrial risks combining high visibility, multi-risk protection and style, opt for our Epiflash Trousers. Contrasting panels cover the areas of the trousers that get the dirtiest, providing lasting quality. Plastic accessories reduce the risk of conducted electricity.
We maintain personal protective equipment (PPE) with specific washing processes to ensure that they always keep their protective properties.

  • Composition: 50% fire retardant cotton 49% polyester 1% antistatic fibre
  • GSM: 345 g/m2
  • Finishings: central opening with nail button and press-studs, elasticated belt and 6 pockets
  • Colours: HV yellow/navy
  • Sizes: 0 to 9

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