Micronswep Cleanroom Mopping System

Elis service includes:

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    Tailored solution for your business
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    Account set-up
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    Fitting session for your staff
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    Delivery of garments & training
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    Pick up of dirty & delivery of clean products
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    Decontamination/sterilisation at our laundry
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    Quality checks of every batch of garments
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    Validation of all products

Micronswep – Cleanroom mopping system for floor, wall and ceiling

  • Micronswep Cleanroom Mopping System
  • cleaning system
  • mops

The time and cost-saving lightweight MicronSwep™ cleaning system removes the need for water, wringers and trolleys in cleanrooms as the mops are pre-dosed outside the cleanroom. The system accumulates particles, cleans and dries – all at the same time. Special microfibres on the mop surface ensure that particles are not only removed from the surface being cleaned but are captured within the mop. A single 35cm mop can cover 15m2 and a 50cm mop can cover 20m2 surface.

  • Fabric: 40 % Polyester Microfibre / 60 % Polyester
  • Filling: 65 % Polyester / 35 % Polyacryl Nitrite
  • Backing (white): 100% Polyester
  • ISO class 4/5 (A/B) environment
  • Colours available: Grey / White
  • Sizes available: 35/50 cm