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Elis service includes:

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    Tailored solution for your business
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    Account set-up
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    Fitting session for your staff
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    Delivery of garments & training
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    Pick up of dirty & delivery of clean products
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    Decontamination/sterilisation at our laundry
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    Quality checks of every batch of garments
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    Validation of all products

MultiSurface Cleaner – Cleanroom tool for cleaning pipes, isolators, tanks etc.

  • multi surface tool
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The CE MultiSurface Cleaner™ is a jointed tool which can be used straight or in multiple formations for the cleaning of pipes, inside and outside isolators, RABS and on top of machines and cabinets. It uses microfibre mop technology to ensure that particles are not only removed from the surface being cleaned but are captured within the mop. Utilising the MicronSwepTM pre-dosing method it avoids buckets of water in the cleanroom. It can be used with a short or long handle.

  • Handle: Polypropylene
  • Grip & body segment: PA12 + 20% GF
  • Rachet spring: Stainless steel
  • Rachet cylinder: Polyoxymethylene
  • Rachet disk: Polyamide
  • End cap: PA12 + 20% GF
  • ISO class 4/5 (A/B) environment
  • Cover colours available: Grey