Elis service includes:

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    Tailored solution for your business
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    Account set-up
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    Fitting session for your staff
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    Delivery of garments & training
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    Pick up of dirty & delivery of clean products
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    Decontamination/sterilisation at our laundry
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    Quality checks of every batch of garments
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    Validation of all products

Softwall cleaner – Cleanroom tool for cleaning soft walls

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The CE Softwall Cleaner™ is an ergonomic and effective solution to the problem of how to clean the panels which form a localised cleanroom environment. The extendable handle and dual-grip head means you can clean each panel without strain on the operator in one downward motion and at the same time retain dirt and particles. The microfibre mop heads are both easy to fit and remove. Utilising the MicronSwepTM pre-dosing method it avoids buckets of water in the cleanroom.

  • Hardware and frame: Stainless Steel
  • Tubing: Aluminium
  • Bushings: Acetal
  • Grip: Polypropylene
  • ISO class 4/5 (A/B) environment
  • Cover colours available: Grey